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Amadon DellErba

Amadon’s men’s work is not just a daily routine; it’s a deeply personal and transformative process rooted in the evolution of his own soul. Shared through his podcast, “Get Real Or Die Trying,” he embraces vulnerability as the path to self-mastery, committed to overcoming weaknesses and limitations. Guided by the wisdom of spiritual elders, he understands that one cannot journey far alone.

Recognized as a “multidimensional man of action,” Amadon engages in numerous meaningful endeavors as a world Change Agent. As the CEO of Global Change Media, he strives to bring positive media content and spiritual absolutes to the world, seeking to create sacred commerce based on spiritual values that transcend monetary limitations. Amadon currently serves as a teacher of The Urantia Book, and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation at the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion.

Balancing his feet in the soil and his mind in the cosmos, Amadon plays a pivotal role in building a regenerative culture and community at Avalon Eco-Village; a lifelong passion and commitment. His journey is that of a fearless and bold man, navigating the realms of spirituality and community-building with unwavering dedication to his own personal growth.

Amadon is a devoted father and husband, valuing the responsibilities of fatherhood with utmost honor. His ultimate goal will always be to bring people Godward and Upward.

Justin Cross

Guided by a consciousness awakening in the face of bureaucratic hurdles, Justin founded Earn It All. A supervisor at a top defense contractor acknowledged his promotion-worthy excellence but deferred it for a decade, sparking Justin's aversion to mediocrity and the pervasive negativity that hinders personal growth. Before his name adorned an F35 fighter jet, Justin served four years in the Navy, including a transformative combat tour in the Middle East on an aircraft carrier.

As a "green shirt" on the carrier deck, Justin reveled in moments of celebration during docked periods. Yet, he recognized the importance of earning indulgences through fitness, setting the stage for a profound realization—life demands that you "earn it." This philosophy became the cornerstone of his brand and the embodiment of a universal truth: Earn It All.

Justin's entrepreneurial journey, marked by leaving an aeronautical engineering role just shy of a master's degree, has been a transformative quest with its share of highs and lows. These challenges, viewed through a spiritual lens, have fortified his inner strength and resilience, affirming his belief that living the life one desires is an earned endeavor.

Having navigated the complexities of business and faced tough decisions at Earn It All, Justin remains anchored in his mission. He is committed to the growth of individuals, offering personalized, goal-based fitness and nutrition programs that extend beyond the physical realm, aiming to transform not just bodies but hearts and minds.

Adam Niall

Adam firmly believes that one's past doesn't have to define their present. He is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and hard work, demonstrating that one can overcome self-limiting beliefs and evolve into a better version of themselves.

As a Marine with multiple deployments during 'The War on Terror,' Adam's journey is nothing short of fascinating. His diverse experiences include working on multi-million-dollar fighter jets, contributing to the construction of the southern border wall, laboring in offshore oil fields, and educating others in college-level nutrition and physiology. These varied roles have granted him a holistic perspective on life, enabling him to comprehend and optimize the intricacies of human nature.

Living a fast-paced and challenging life, Adam once doubted he would make it this far. However, he underwent a profound transformation by changing his beliefs, discovering purpose, and is currently thriving as the Fitness Director at Earn It All. Every step of his journey has been earned through mental fortitude and resilience.

While deployed, Adam faced injuries that propelled him towards the pursuit of a healthier and fully optimized body, mind, and spirit. He committed himself to learning, obtaining over eleven fitness and nutrition certifications through diligent study (refer to the list below).

From experiencing the highs of life with a Ferrari and a lavish lifestyle to enduring lows that led him to contemplate suicide while sleeping in his truck, Adam has gained invaluable life lessons. These experiences have shaped him into the dedicated and ever-improving individual he is today.

Adam acknowledges that the past brought him to this point, but his gaze is perpetually forward. He understands that the choices made now are the building blocks of the future, and he remains committed to growth and improvement.

Elder Tarenta Baldeschi

Human-Rights Advocate and Minister

Tarenta Baldeschi, hailing from Bamberg (Bavaria), Germany, and Livorno (Tuscany), Italy, has immersed himself in intentional spiritual communities for over 30 years. After relocating to North America, he embraced Native American spirituality, spending seven years practicing, and then teaching self-sufficient living alongside Native American Elders in the Californian mountains. Tarenta's spiritual journey evolved, leading him to the Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA), a nonprofit spiritual educational organization, where he has become a teacher of The Urantia Book & Continuing Fifth Epochal revelation for the last 30 years.

Throughout his three decades with GCCA, Tarenta has been a beacon of wisdom, serving as a Spiritual Counselor, a Master Gardener at Avalon EcoVillage, and a dedicated teacher of the Fifth and Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation at the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion. Currently, he holds the role of Spiritual Care Coordinator and Interfaith Human-Rights Advocate and Minister at Soulistic Hospice.

Beyond his spiritual pursuits, Tarenta is deeply family-oriented, being a loving husband and father of four grown children. He is an avid reader, a skilled chef, a choir singer, and exhibits a genuine interest in diverse cultures. Tarenta Baldeschi stands as a spiritual elder, embodying a wealth of wisdom derived from his rich life experiences

Guest Facilitators

Devin Aiuto

Devin Aiuto, CEO and founder of Method Endeavors, served in Naval Special Warfare as a Tech with SEAL Teams 10, 2, and 18. He deployed to Afghanistan and saw combat with Teams 10 and 2 in many parts of that country. He is an expert in high threat protection, close quarters battle and special activities. In 2018, he transferred branches to the Army and will finish his military career with US Army Special Operations Command. This allows him to continue to serve and stay connected to the community while running the organization in the private sector.

John Soden

John Soden, Director of Training for Method Endeavors, spent his military service in the Army with the 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger regiment. He conducted combat operations and direct-action raids in Afghanistan and Syria throughout the Global War on Terror. His direct application of methodology in Operations Enduring Freedom and Inherent Resolve earned him the Combat Infantry Badge and the true faith of his leadership. John left active service in 2020 and returned to his native Arizona. He began instructing advanced firearms and tactics locally for veterans and Law Enforcement.